At PC Lawyers, we are able to skilfully assist in the complex circumstances of our high net worth clients. We specialize in will preparation, settlement and setting up of trusts for clients from Hong Kong and overseas. Our lawyers are devoted to advising and representing clients on inheritance law and probate related matters, ensuring the use and management of their assets best accord with their intentions.

Legal advisory services including:

• Actions for Improper Administration of Estates
• Application for Caveats
• Application for Grants of Probate and Letters of Administration
• Asset Disposition
• Deeds of Family Arrangement
• Enduring Powers of Attorney
• Estate Planning, Administration and Distribution
• Inheritance Law and Administration and Distribution of Estates in Hong Kong
• Preparation of Wills and Codicils
• Resealing of Grants in Hong Kong and Overseas
• Resolution of Disputes Among Beneficiaries and Trustees
• Trustees and Protectors