At PC Lawyers, we are devoted to providing competent legal advice to handle and resolve disputes, and protect the interests and rights of our clients. We aim at resolving disputes, be it personal or commercial, practically and promptly with minimum disruption caused. We are extensively experienced in mediation, arbitrations, commercial litigation and dispute-resolution procedures, which enable us to assist and represent our clients in courts and tribunals of Hong Kong.

Legal advisory services including:

• Commercial Litigations
• Contentions Probate and Administration Action
• Contractual Disputes
• Enforcement of Securities and Judgment Award
• Intellectual Property Litigations
• Professional Negligence (including breach of Director Duties and Fiduciary Duties)
• Insolvency Litigations and Corporate Rescues
• Judicial Review and Administrative Laws Related Litigations
• Labour Disputes
• Land and Property Disputes
• Negligence, Personal Injuries and Employee Compensations
• Partnership and Shareholders Disputes
• Sale of Goods and International Trade Disputes
• Trust Disputes