At PC Lawyers, our family law practice encompasses an array of matrimonial and family matters. We are able to offer professional legal advice to clients on divorce, custody and financial maintenance, and provide them with support through emotional and financial upheavals, in hopes of minimising detrimental impacts on respective parties. With our accumulated litigation experiences, we are also devoted to explore alternative dispute resolution, aiming to resolve matters and reach consensus on settlement with a timely and flexible means. Owing to the complexity when particular cases intertwine divorces and immigration status of family members, our close professional relationships with law firms of other jurisdiction, especially the people’s Republic of China, will enable the best tailor-made service for our clients at all circumstances.

Legal advisory services including:

• Asset Distribution
• Child Access
• Child Custody/ Wardship
• Financial Impact of Divorce and Associated Matters
• Financial Maintenance (Alimony)
• Financial Relief in Divorce
• Prenuptial Arrangements
• Separation Agreement